Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lovely Is As Lovely Does

Lovely Is As Lovely Does 

What does "Lovely Is As Lovely Does" mean? We received several lovely comments from many of our fans when we asked this question quite a while ago, but the one we received offline from Kelsey Schomberger really embodied the premise behind Lovely Lady Products. Her thoughts on the subject are simply beautiful and moving, she brought tears to my eyes. I have been touched by this lovely spirit and it is my hope that you will to.

When I think of the word lovely, what feelings it provokes in me. Pleasant and sweet, a sort of admiration. Reminds me of love. I looked up the definition of this word and this is what I found: adjectives; love•ly, love•li•er, love•li•est. Full of love; loving. Inspiring love or affection. Having beauty that appeals to the emotions as well as to the eye. See Synonyms at beautiful. Enjoyable; delightful. Each and every soul is innately lovely. We each embody loveliness at our source, and this love is unconditional. It is the pure potential that is not influenced by expectations or standards. One could realize that they are a lovely being, an emanation of love, and that this love can be manifested in the actions and choices of one’s life. Lovely is as Lovely does. What does this mean to act in love? We could observe where this power would be well served. A starting place may be to shine that love on ourselves so we are ripe and ready to share the love with the world. Some things to consider: How do we act towards ourselves? What impact does our actions and choices have on our physical, emotional, and well-being? Does it reflect self-love? If we slow down and take into account how many decisions we make in a day regarding the things we come into contact with that leaves an impact on us, we can see how we treat ourselves and the attitude of self that we have. We can choose to act with love, take care of ourselves and be aware in our actions, taking ownership for our decisions and believing them. With this awareness the love for one’s lovely self is manifested in healthy self-care. One may stop to consider what food they’re eating and/or what products that they use, while being conscious of what goes into these things (knowing this will go into the body as well). We have responsibility in the choices we make. When we take care of ourselves we also inspire others that taking care of ourselves and our health is a valuable lovely act of compassion. If we act towards our own bodies and spirits with compassion, it starts to become natural to feel compassion towards others. With love as an inspiration in the way we run our lives, an unfolding of our loveliest qualities shine through. We are all lovely beings and in our actions we can share this love with our selves, others, and the planet. Lovely is as Lovely does!'

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