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Waterless Organic Body Care, Why?

Waterless Organic Body Care, Why? 

As a manufacturer of waterless organic body care products, my perspective on the organic and gluten free body care industry could not be more practical. God knows, I certainly am not in the industry for the love of money, proven by the many hurdles and obstacles I've had to jump in order to survive in this industry, while trying to protect the company from the lions hanging around waiting to gobble up  our efforts (one can feel a bit like Daniel). I know some may find my views eccentric but none could argue that I care about the environment and it is a known fact by most who know me that I want to share information and encourage consumers to learn about the ingredients they are placing on their body and why it's important to do so. It is my hope that you'll find this blog both useful and interesting enough to see the value in being aware of how your organic body care purchases effect not only your health but the wellbeing of the planet (food and household supplies are important too). 

Why waterless organic body care? After several years of working within the industry, I still get asked the question why did I choose to go waterless with my organic and gluten free body care formulations? Well, there's three parts to answering this question. First, I care about my health and by using water in body care formulations, the demand to place toxic chemicals are a necessity. Second, because of my personal battle with skin and hair issues, I saw the need to create an effective gluten free and organic body care line that was clean and effective (I don't believe you can do so with the addition of water in body care formulations).  Please find below an outline detailing the benefits of using waterless organic body care.

Why A need for Waterless Organic Body Care: 

Let's start with the reason I saw a need. Well, I wish I could start off by stating that I was brilliant and a scholar who just knew the need to create an effective waterless organic body care brand that was also gluten free, fortunately that was not the case. I use the word fortunateIy because it was my own health issues that motivated me to discovered the need to use clean products and later to create a line that would only use undiluted clean effective ingredients. Prior to this, I would use the latest and greatest chemical based marketing product that I heard about. Believe it or not, I actually knew better due to my upbringing (my Grandma and older sister were wizards at cooking and it was always home made and healthy, not to mention what I learned about during my time living in Europe, I knew how to produce my own body products), but I lost my mind after discovering that I had a gluten intolerance that was causing all kinds of skin and hair issues. If it was expensive, I believed that it would work and I enjoyed the clever and glamours television ads (still do enjoy watching these types of ads, but now for the artistry in making the commercial or ad, a lesson well learned). Third, I care about the wellbeing of the planet, water conservation is a necessity for survival. You see, I now know that what you see is not always what you get, but what your read on the labels, is definitely what you are most likely getting (with the exception of GMO's, not on the labels, but we're still fighting for it).

Organic Waterless Body Care for your Health: 

Many people are turning to organic alternatives for their skin and hair (including food and household cleaning supplies), the planet thanks us for our efforts. We are discovering the importance of living a green life. Think about it, government regulations allow virtually any ingredient to be used when producing the products we use daily, so it's rather nice to be assured about what's in your products and to know with certain that they're safe.  Here's a list of benefits you'll receive when choosing to use waterless organic body care:

  • Body Care Products formulated without water solves the risks associated with waster-borne bacteria. Actually, if your body care products are waterless but not organic, they're most likely very clean (but you'll still want to read the ingredient panel.
  • Waterless Organic Body Care can help to revive your skin and hair from years of harsh treatment cause by the use of traditional chemical laced store brought products.
  • Our skin is the largest organ of the body and soaks up everything we place on it. Organic ingredients works well with the body's own natural functions helping to restore and compliment it's own ability to heal, instead of masking the problem. 
  • By going waterless with your body care, you're actually getting exactly what you're paying for. Pure organic ingredients that can be extremely effective at repairing, refining and rejuvenation when undiluted with water (and remember when water comes into play, which usually consist of 70% of the product you're purchasing, so does the chemicals, which cancels out the benefits of using organic products and opens the door for cancer causing toxins).
  • Most organic oil plant-based ingredients doesn't require preservatives other than some vitamin E (we make sure ours is not derived from wheat) or rosemary antioxidants. Basically most can stay on the shelves much longer than the water based stuff without the help of chemicals.
  • Free of harsh and toxic chemicals.
  • Not participating in flushing toxic chemicals down the drain and poisoning the environment.
  • Great for your health and the wellbeing of the planet.
  • Can be a money saver; yes, a little goes a long way.
  • Absorbs quickly into the skin for maximum performance when using top of the line organic cold-pressed oils and ingredients.
  • And if you're an animal lover, they are cruelty free.

Water Conservation, Using Waterless Body Care Helps:

Most of us think of water as being something free but consider this. Go Clean Waterless states that approximately 1/6 of the human population does not have access to clean drinking water. It is a popular cause of many deaths and illness due to a lack of sanitation and the inaccessibility of water. They say that every 20 seconds a child dies as a result of water related diseases (certainly a reason to stay away from toxic chemical based products that definitely ends up being flush down the drains within households). Half of the hospital beds in the world are occupied by patients suffering from diseases associated with a lack of access to safe drinking water, in adequate sanitation and poor hygiene. Give a second to take this information in.....

Are you thinking this is a third world problem, think again.  The Huffington Post states that 11 cities may completely run out of water sooner than we think. The USA Today reports seven states running out of water. The U.S. Department of State indicates Water Issues and mentions that water sustains life, it's in the food we eat, the electricity that powers our homes and in crops that we grow. Note it doesn't mention anything about being in the organic body care products (or regular body care items) because it's not a necessity, actually it's a hazard). In addition, they state that water allows our economy to thrive, our children to grow up healthy and can build peace and cooperation between neighbors, stating that for all these reasons water is a fundamental cornerstone to peace, security and prosperity. The U.S. Department of State also states that by 2025, as much as two-thirds of the world's population could be living under water-stressed conditions where water becomes an impediment to health, peace and socio-economic development. Statics like this one makes water one of the larges challenges of the 21st century.

So now that you are armed with a wealth of information and can learn more on the subject by clicking on the links below, hopefully you can see there is a real need to conserve water and believe me when I tell you that there's an insane amount of water being used via the body care industry. Did you know that more than two thirds of the body is made up of water, we figure you've got that part covered and water is not required to produced excellent organic body care as well as gluten free body care, it's a filler to save money.  If you're interest in finding out how much water is used within the body care industry, Center for Resource Conservation did some research on the subject in 2012, perhaps you can request information on this and learn more about how to conserve.  We are happy to have been recognized by the Center for Resource Conservation as innovator and Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 for our bold stance in developing our Fair Trade, Gluten Free, Waterless USDA Certified Organic Body Care with an unwavering dedication to water conservation.

Lovely Is As Lovely Does!

U. S. Department of State

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