Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Yes, Going Gluten Free Helps the Body Stay Healthy

Hmmm, is gluten-free body care cosmetics necessary? Well, it's easy for someone who's not suffering from the symptoms of Celiac Disease to say no. However, those with inflamed scalp and hair loss begs to differ after they've tried using a shampoo or conditioner with wheat in it. Or when some of us start to itch and breakout from lotions or cosmetics that are formulated with it too. I've met many with the same or similar problems while doing product demos in several retail stores and gluten free expos across the country. Many state that they've learned to be medical advocates for their own body and pay attention to how their skin reacts to what's being placed on or in it. With this being said, below is an interesting article from New Hope Media discussing a survey that explains how improving health, 'feeling better' are top reasons many are choosing to live the gluten free lifestyle: