Saturday, June 27, 2015


Wow, summer is here and I’m so grateful for the lovely weather, but I can do without the mosquitoes. Yes, I love animals and truly try to respect all Gods wonderful creations, even the little annoying ones. You see they believe it’s their job to place a damper on our fun in the sun. To ruin our hanging out, interfere with us enjoying a nice breeze or our laying near the water just as the sun decides to set. For these little creatures, Tis the season to bite, they come out in full force to disturb us humans who they believe are having just too much fun; they’re determine to put a stop to the summer madness. So they bite away, leaving our skin covered with their marks, watching us frantically scratching desperately with little relief. I can here their sinister little laughs (this is my story and I say mosquitoes laugh at us, OK). They actually encourage their other little annoying friends to join in on their version of summer fun. Fleas and other itch-inducing insects hear the call and they too come out in full force to cause trouble. I’ve always been a magnet for mosquitoes and other bite-happy bugs, and my skin is super sensitive to bug bites.

Once, when I was living in my college dorm, my roommate and I discovered that one of our perimeter walls was host to a pretty extraordinary number of mosquitoes that decided to make the presence known at an ungodly hour in the morning. We were totally ambushed and so we spent the weekend itching, scratching and totally grossed out. It was our custom to wear as little clothing as possible and our excuse for shamelessly flaunting our bodies was due to the extremely hot weather but we both knew we had other motives for showing skin. Well, the truth be told, the male dorms were not far away and we had our eyes on a few good looking guys (the trials and tribulations of young women, right….). That weekend was ruined, our skin was a mess and we decided not to play baseball that weekend, later I discovered the guy of my dreams found the girl of his during that game. I declared war on mosquitoes that summer; they had ruined my life (a 19 year old girl’s point of view).

So what does all this have to do with Lovely Lady Products? The owner is smarter now and thankful that those little mosquitoes ruined her chances with the Jock, now she’s happily married to a handsome geek who also has a love for nature and so we’ve come up with a solution to keep the little critters from ruining summer without the need to kill them or ruin our own health by using creepy commercial bug repellents that are full of nasty chemicals like DEET, this stuff is totally off limits when it comes to my skin. Call me crazy, but since I try my utmost to keep pesticides off my veggies and out of my diet, I’m not about to go rubbing pesticides on my skin and neither should you.

Here’s our solution on how to stop worrying about bugs this summer: Everlasting-Argan Solid Lotion Moisturizer – Lemongrass (bugs aren’t too crazy over lavender either, so that solid lotion could work too).

Our deeply nourishing Lemongrass Solid Lotion works well for keeping mosquitoes away. Lemongrass, native to Asia, has long been used in natural insect repellents that contain citronella oil. This ingredient along with helichrysum and argan oil is wonderful for sensitive skin, dry elbows, rough feet and hands, cracked or irritated skin. It’s all about the seasons, use in winter for wind damaged skin, in the summer for a fresh and clean scent that moisturizes, soothes and nourishes. It’s also a wonderful moisturizer to apply after a bath. Unlike traditional lotions, it will simply melt as it is applied to your skin, absorbing quickly and sealing the moisture inside. The twist up container makes it travel friendly and because it is in solid form, no spills. Please keep these out of direct sun exposure, nor leave in a hot car. Heat will cause product to melt, and sun can decrease freshness (however, will solidify again once placed in cool area).

Should you have some irritation due to mosquito or other insects’ bites and find yourself in need of soothing. Our Helichrysum Hydrosol Skin Toner is excellent and it’s great for sun burned skin too.  Enjoy Your Summer and click links below to make a purchase.

Lovely Is As Lovely Does.

Everlasting-Argan Lemongrass Solid Lotion 

Helichrysum Hydrosol Skin Toner

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pressure Growing on Whole Foods Market Over New Produce Labeling Scheme

WOW. We stand by our decision to remove our products from the shelves of Whole Foods Market back in July of 2014. We took the high road and bailed out gracefully without indicating why we really pulled out (since then we have been subjected to industry abuse but still feel great about our decision). One must stand for something or fall for anything. The Universe/God is Good! All things work together for the good for those who love the Lord/Universe and are called according to his purpose. Basically, the Universe has a way of protecting itself and those who truly love it. Reveal, Expose and Remove!!!! 

Please click on the links below to learn more on this subject via the Cornucopia Institute and the Huffington Post. In addition to these concerns, Investigations discover that Whole Foods Market overcharges customers, to learn more, see final Huffington Post below.

The Cornucopia Institute 

Specialty Grocer Meets Growing Blowback from Organic Farmer/Consumers. More organic farmers and organizations sign on to a letter to John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, asking for a moratorium on the grocer’s new produce rating system that disadvantages organic growers. Weathering a dramatic 14% drop in shareholder value, the iconic grocer Whole Foods Market now faces consumer fraud accusations. read more at

Fox News

New York City says Whole Foods is overcharging customers. NEW YORK –  Whole Foods supermarkets have been routinely overcharging customers by overstating the weight of prepackaged meat, dairy and baked goods, New York City's consumer chief said Wednesday.

The price on a package of coconut shrimp at the upscale market was too high by $14.84, said Department of Consumer Affairs Commissioner Julie Menin. A package of chicken tenders was overpriced by $4.85, and a vegetable platter by $6.15, the department said. Click link to learn more -

The Huffington Post

Has Whole Foods started an Organic Food Fight
Fruits, vegetables and flowers face a new rating system at Whole Foods and it's angering some farmers. The "Responsibly Grown" program ranks produce on factors from soil health to working conditions. But does it undermine organic farming standards?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Whole Foods will pay about $800,000 in penalties and fees after an investigation found the grocery retailer was overcharging customers in California.

State and local inspectors discovered that purchased foods weighed less than the label advertised and the weight of salad bar containers wasn't subtracted at checkout, prosecutors said. In addition, the grocer sold prepared foods like kebabs by the item rather than by the pound as mandated by law.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Essential Oils & Plants Are Essential For Organic Body Care, Here's Why!

The are essential for Organic Body Care
Essential Oils and Plants

Since biblical times, essential oils and plants have been widely used traditionally for bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, antiparasitical, insecticidal, medicinal and cosmetic applications, especially nowadays in pharmaceutical, sanitary, cosmetic, organic body care, agricultural and even the food industries. So for those of us looking for humane and truly natural solutions for our skin, hair and body issues, it’s a good bet to stick with what God has created, instead of man’s altered versions of it. Scripture states that the leaves from the trees are for the healing of the body, who could argue with this. Lets face it, when we do and science interferes by genetically modifying God’s creations, there’s plenty of solid evidence that results have been less than stellar.  Actually, very damaging with lasting effects on our health and the wellbeing of the planet. There’s only one creator, it’s wise for us to remember this.

With this being said, Below is a lovely outline describing some of our ingredients and why we use them as the foundation of our organic body care brand. Just below there is another chart with some other useful information about our products. 

As always thank you for your continued support in our efforts to create and offer both clean and effective products that we believe make a difference in your life and the wellbeing of the planet.

Lovely Is As Lovely Does.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Can Genetically Engineered Foods Trigger Gluten Sensitivity?

There’s a lot of talk taking place on the Internet about whether there is a link between gluten intolerance and genetically modified foods, as well as concerns about whether it's creating an epidemic. Below is  an interesting video with Jeffrey Smith and Tom Malterre, MS, CN discussing GMO’s and Gluten. It’s always great to be informed so that you can make better decisions when it comes to anything that may affect your health. So, keep abreast of the interesting articles that are out their about the gluten free community and remember to read pay attention to the labels on your products. Education is Freedom. Lovely Is As Lovely Does.