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Please don't let common misconceptions about using oils scare you off from using our Treatment Oils. Actually, these oils are non-comedogenic and won't clog your pores. Instead, they are traditionally known to help regulate sebum, which decreases clogged pores and reduces acne. Our oils are formulated to create a supple healthy complexion, will even out the skin tone, complete with anti-aging properties. See below for descriptions of the three treatment oils:

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The plant used to infuse this argan oil is called "Everlasting" and /or "Immortelle" for a has the exceptional ability to never fade or wilt, even when picked. Many healing properties have been attributed to both, everlasting and argan oil. It's a wonderful soothing agent for sensitive and acne prone skin.  Our Everlasting-Argan Helichrysum oil holds an important place for its broad range of healing plant properties, which can benefit individuals from many walks of life; it’s called immortelle for a reason. So for those of you who are active in sports, busy supporting your children with scraps and bruises, looking to heal and improve your skin’s appearance, or simply want something to assist with overall skin maintenance, this oil can support you in your quest for results by using on a regular basis. Argan oil contains more than 80% mono-and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which have beneficial effects on the body.  Traditionally, It is known to be a strong anti-inflammatory and contains powerful regenerative molecules that are unique to helichrysum essential oil only (it's traditionally known to relieve sore or irritated skin as indicated on the Dr. Oz show, Great for repairing, soothing, calming, supporting the hardships that can be placed on your body.

Immortal Rose Oil
Our multipurpose immortal rose oil is exquisite for several reasons. It's an excellent treatment for aging dry skin, problematic redness of the skin and also serves as an excellent organic scent (smells just like fresh cut roses). It also serves as an excellent hair conditioner. Argan oil has traditionally been known as an excellent hair conditioner, infused with a special blend of organic essential oils will bring in moisture while nourishing and protecting the hair from the environment. It is a blessing from the earth. Please use as a leave-in treatment that conditions to restores moisture to fine/normal hair. It renews cell structure and restores shine to your damaged, starved hair, thus eliminating frizz for all hair types. It will strengthen and soften brittle locks and is gentle on fine hair, and more than capable of taming unmanageable hair. It will absorb quickly and penetrate deep into the hair shaft, healing and nourishing from the inside out. Please note to use sparingly, applying too much can create an oily feeling and we don’t want it to weigh down your hair, you only require a dime size amount. Hair should still be damp so that the oil combines with the remaining water in the hair to insure even distribution. If you are not happy with the results, increase your amount slowly. The results will be hair that is wonderfully conditioned with a lovely shine and no oily residue left on your hair. Excellent for Dry and Damaged Hair.

Night Serum (Neroli Infused)
This will help your skin find its eternal fountain of youth. This easy to absorb oil will helps to minimize lines and wrinkles, bringing moisture to your skin as it nourishes and protects from the environment. We suggest using our Serum oil prior to going to bed, which will assist with your skin’s own ability to regenerate itself. Cell regeneration is a natural process where fresh, new skin cells replace old, dead skin. This happens quicker at night compared to daytime. Vitamins and other healing/anti-aging plant properties lose potency after exposure to sunlight, which render them less effective. Due to there being no sunlight exposure at night, vitamins and other skin healing properties are believed to stay active longer and can provide more anti-aging benefits for your skin (by supporting the skin’s hydro-lipid layer). This oil is a truly natural solution for youthful, healthy and beautiful looking skin.

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Lovely Is As Lovely Does

Lovely Is As Lovely Does 

What does "Lovely Is As Lovely Does" mean? We received several lovely comments from many of our fans when we asked this question quite a while ago, but the one we received offline from Kelsey Schomberger really embodied the premise behind Lovely Lady Products. Her thoughts on the subject are simply beautiful and moving, she brought tears to my eyes. I have been touched by this lovely spirit and it is my hope that you will to.

When I think of the word lovely, what feelings it provokes in me. Pleasant and sweet, a sort of admiration. Reminds me of love. I looked up the definition of this word and this is what I found: adjectives; love•ly, love•li•er, love•li•est. Full of love; loving. Inspiring love or affection. Having beauty that appeals to the emotions as well as to the eye. See Synonyms at beautiful. Enjoyable; delightful. Each and every soul is innately lovely. We each embody loveliness at our source, and this love is unconditional. It is the pure potential that is not influenced by expectations or standards. One could realize that they are a lovely being, an emanation of love, and that this love can be manifested in the actions and choices of one’s life. Lovely is as Lovely does. What does this mean to act in love? We could observe where this power would be well served. A starting place may be to shine that love on ourselves so we are ripe and ready to share the love with the world. Some things to consider: How do we act towards ourselves? What impact does our actions and choices have on our physical, emotional, and well-being? Does it reflect self-love? If we slow down and take into account how many decisions we make in a day regarding the things we come into contact with that leaves an impact on us, we can see how we treat ourselves and the attitude of self that we have. We can choose to act with love, take care of ourselves and be aware in our actions, taking ownership for our decisions and believing them. With this awareness the love for one’s lovely self is manifested in healthy self-care. One may stop to consider what food they’re eating and/or what products that they use, while being conscious of what goes into these things (knowing this will go into the body as well). We have responsibility in the choices we make. When we take care of ourselves we also inspire others that taking care of ourselves and our health is a valuable lovely act of compassion. If we act towards our own bodies and spirits with compassion, it starts to become natural to feel compassion towards others. With love as an inspiration in the way we run our lives, an unfolding of our loveliest qualities shine through. We are all lovely beings and in our actions we can share this love with our selves, others, and the planet. Lovely is as Lovely does!'

'Organic Lifestyle' Are We Truly Living an Organic Lifestyle?

'Organic Lifestyle' Are We Truly Living an Organic Lifestyle? 

Now that Lovely Lady Products is growing and becoming more of a presence in the organic community, I find myself pondering the question, "what exactly does it mean to live the organic lifestyle?" This gave me some pause for thought. Starting on the home front with myself, I contemplate is it enough that I eat organic food and use nothing but organic body care to take care of my skin? Or is it now a lifestyle when, as I get later in my years, I''ve deepened my care of the environment and all of its creatures? I still get embarrassed by recalling my younger years during which I thought wearing furs was sophisticated, not fully grasping I was so naive in the trials of our youth. It took me years to give up the expensive cosmetics and perfumes that I thought were the best, still find some of them in my old bags, luggage and lurking around my home after so many years. What about how I treat others? Am I behaving in an organic fashion in how I treat my fellow man? We talk an awful lot within the organic community about saving the planet and the environment. But, how do we save ourselves from the hurt we inflict on each other? The industry I work in is very competitive, but such is life. Can''t we be competitive without being disrespectful and hurting another company's success by participating in criminal espionage? In some business circles, there is something referred to as "co-opetition". Why not, since we claim to be advocates for the organic lifestyle? How can we care about the planet and work hard to protect animals if we''re not showing respect for our fellow man? Competition is healthy, I don''t see that as a negative so long as one is using hard work to gain the edge instead of deviant behavior, which is certainly not part of living the organic life. Let''s face it, we''re not perfect, but we can strive to be decent in our adventures. Besides, perfection sure would be boring but being decent heals the world. Now if the goal is to improve and save the planet, including all of it''s creatures doesn''t that include us? I''m just saying.......Lovely Is As Lovely Does'

HELICHRYSUM: The Flower of Youth Your Organic Body Care

HELICHRYSUM: The Flower of Youth in Your Organic Body Care 

From generations past to the present, aging has been viewed as a dreadful monster that comes to steal your beauty and health away so we spend time and money looking for solutions and hopefully you're doing so within the organic body care. Before you know it, aging creeps in, then wrinkles and age spots start to develop or become more prominent, your body starts to ache, gravity checks in and things aren’t as tight as they use to be. The obsession with aging and how to prevent it has been around for centuries. It can be traced back to the 16thcentury, when Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon was rumored to have discovered Florida while searching for the fountain of youth. The idea that there is a fountain of magic waters that can restore youthfulness with one sip seems a bit far-fetched. I believe in what seems to be a proven fact, if you lead an active and healthy lifestyle and are conscious of what you put in and on your body, you can slow the effects of aging. Apparently, I’m not the only person who believes in this statement- most people do, which is why you see so many businesses within the cosmetic industry attaching “anti-aging” to their product labels. 

Although there will always be consumers who buy into “anti-aging” products simply because the packaging says “anti-aging”, many consumers are becoming more knowledgeable of which ingredients actually helps slow down the process of aging. An ingredient in particular that has been dated back to Greek myths such as Homer’s Odyssey as a beauty elixir is Helichrysum. Helichrysum (arenarium) is a flower which produces an essential oil known to have great skin rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory and cell-regenerative properties. Helichrysum is also known as Everlasting and/or Immortelle, because it retains its shape and beautiful yellow coloring even if plucked and dried. Just imagine what those properties can do for ones skin. This flower grows in the European and Mediterranean regions amongst sandy, dry, and rocky areas. 

Skin aging, as defined by the National Center of Biotechnology Information, is a complex, multi-factorial process whose baseline rate is genetically determined but that may be accelerated by environmental, mechanical, or socioeconomic factors. The intrinsic structural changes that occur with the aging of the skin increase skin fragility decrease the ability of the skin to heal, increase risk for toxicological injuries, promote the development of various cutaneous disorders, and produce aesthetically undesirable effects like wrinkling and uneven pigmentation [1] . The amazing healing properties of Helichrysum, include the ability to help reduce free-radical oxidative damage, stimulate cell regeneration, reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, dermatitis, and acne, as well as tone and tighten skin that has reduced elasticity – all which are issues of maturing skin. As wonderful as the essential oil of Helichrysum is, it is not commonly seen in many beauty and/or organic body care products. I relate this to the fact that pure Helichrysum essential oil isn’t easy to get in large quantities nor is it cheap. Although it’s an expensive essential oil, the medicinal properties are exceptional and definitely well worth the price. 

The benefits of Helichrysum essential oil used in organic body care is not just limited to consumers who are dealing with issues of aging skin, scars, eczema, dry skin, but it’s great for preserving and maintaining the beauty of young vibrant skin as well. It has also been known to contribute to healing properties of the liver and nervous system according to the aromatherapy industry. It’s never too early or too late to begin caring about the health and maintenance of your skin and we’re encouraging it by incorporating this amazing essential oil into most of our formulations. The fountain of youth lies within all of us – it’s our outlook on life, it’s the decisions that we make regarding our health, it’s the ability to consistently possess a positive outlook on life. So the next time you look in the mirror, and become terrified that the monster known as “Aging” is coming to get you, remember one thing, YOU HOLD THE POWER. 

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