Thursday, January 15, 2015


It’s Planet Therapy Thursday and today I’m going to move off the body care for a minute. The attack on the Paris community saddened my heart. I believe it also weakens the foundation of humanity, for we are all interconnected. Crime is a problem for all and the road to correcting this problem starts within each and every one of us. If a child is being bullied/abused at school (or in a home) and you know about it yet do nothing, you’re part of the degradation of society and the planet. If you know that someone is hurting another by maliciously attacking them, be it verbally or physically and you act as if it doesn’t exist you are part of the degradation of society and the planet. If you run a business within an industry and are profiting by trying to ruin another be it by means of malicious cyber attacks (or you’re aware of such crimes but do nothing because you stand to gain form it), you are a part of the degradation of society.  Terrorist action doesn’t just start on foreign soil, it starts from within and how we respond to the small negative things that may not seem to be that big of a deal, at least that’s the lie we tell ourselves in order to justify the behavior. If someone accepts money to hurt another and the excuse that it’s simply business is used, it makes you no different then those who are considered to be terrorist (just another form of the behavior).

So if you find yourself watching the news, hearing the many concerns for our safety here on American soil, consider paying attention to the small minded criminal behavior of those you may know around you because that would surely be the same person for sale to compromise your safety, your families safety and the safety of a nation as well as the planet.  We are all in this together and ignorance knows no boundaries so we must be our brother’s keeper.  I believe you can’t live a green and organic lifestyle and ignore the ugliness that’s out there. Let’s all take a moment to send the planet some love and light.


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