Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Allergy Train, by Celia Kaye via the Huffington Post Healthy Living Blog

I was just about to post my latest blog on gluten free body care and discovered a wonderful article on the Huffington Post Healthy Living Blog. However, after reading Celia's very interesting story, I decided this is definitely a better story to post for GlutenFree WheatFree Wednesday. Below is what she had to say:

I'm pretty accepting of the fact that I can't eat gluten-containing foods without suffering the consequences. I know that it will irk some people and result in dubious looks from others. I know that when restaurants charge more for gluten-free sandwiches it's because gluten-free bread costs them more than regular bread, and I am happy about the fact that they offer it at all rather than grumpy about the extra cost. (The difference in price is tax-deductible anyway.)
It frightens me sometimes in restaurants when I have to explain what I can't eat and why, because I don't trust that the crash course I gave the waiter was sufficient and that my food won't be cross-contaminated. But I don't get annoyed when someone doesn't know what celiac disease is if they listen to what I tell them.
For some reason, though, I'm still surprised when someone in the food service industry gets it completely wrong. I mean, gluten is a pretty hot topic right now. I can't imagine how someone who works in a restaurant has been so thoroughly sheltered from all gluten-related talk. Apparently, it's possible.

Here's what happened to me recently at a restaurant. While the waiter rattled off the list of available desserts, I mentally checked the ones that were usually gluten-free. Crème brûlée without the cookie, ice cream, sorbet. Great! Three options. Knowing that there were two gluten-free customers at the table, the waiter told us that none of the desserts were gluten-free. Not surprising. Desserts in restaurants like that usually weren't unless they were somehow modified -- like crème brûlée without the cookie -- and often the desserts were pre-made and unmodifiable. So, after the rest of the table had ordered dessert, my gluten-free comrade and I ordered ice cream. To continue reading her store click here