Sunday, March 27, 2016


Today, Easter Sunday, helps me reflect on just how blessed we are. We can spend time looking at all the ugliness within the world but I believe it's best that we focus on all the small miracles that surround us in the midst of the negativity that can take place in the world. You see, "all things work for the good for those who love the lord and are called according to his purpose." On Friday I went to see a movie called Miracles from Heaven. This movie reminded me of how true that statement is.

I spent a bit of time this morning reflecting on all the miracles that have taken place during my efforts to fulfill my calling. I believe that I was called to produce products that are helpful to people and despite all the following situations God has managed to continue using me and guiding me with ways to stay out of harms way when I've had to battle with the attacks from the Goliath's within the industry.

After winning awards and receiving lots of media attention for our efforts to produce truly clean water-less products that really do serve your health and the planet well. Lovely Lady Products has been bombarded with ugly competitor attacks that went beyond just business but have struck at the very core of our civil and federal rights. You see many big commercial brands want to continue deceiving the public about healthy products and they spend a lot of effort and money to keep the smaller companies who are doing the right thing from succeeding (a professor from the Kellogg School of Manage wrote a book about this very thing, it's called, "Defending Your Brand" written in an effort to help small companies to become of aware of competitor attacks). Some of this gave me pause to give up but it was the individuals who support our products and the many testimonies of how our products are helpful that kept me in this industry (but most of all I realized that I am safe in the knowledge that God has his hands on me and I'm truly honored for his grace and mercy). So please note that no matter what you are going through use today to ask God for guidance and praise him through it all. I'm sure by now my customers know that I don't follow the traditional rules for running my business. My heart leads me to speak my truth and produce my products in an honest fashion and if that takes away from what others call success so be it because I know that God is in charge of my pathway.  Lovely Is As Lovely Does.

Troubles that God helped us to over come and he's still watching over us:
  • Discovering that competitors were using some of our employees to spy and sabotage our business.
  •  Competitors using some vendors to attack our effects to produce our products and grow
  • Competitors trying to interfere with our continued success to receive our organic certifications.
  • Competitors using Major Retail Chain Employees to slow our growth within their many retail stores, we continue to have success after removing our products from this major health food chain.
  • Home and office invasions, using some of my neighbors, friends and I'm sad to say FAMILY MEMBERS too in an effort to do so.
  • Police corruption and lack of assistance from Federal Employees when we reached out for help (major effort to cover up for the BIG GUY).
  • Surviving what I believed was an attack on my life via someone cutting my car brake line.
  • Continuous attempts to place my life under surveillance once it was known that we went to the press, the ACLU and other watchdog groups. 
  • Not to mention continuous subtle threats in an effort to keep me quiet because they are well aware of how far they have strayed from the law with their tactics to destroy a smaller competitor. 
Now let me just say this, I no longer have bitterness in my heart and I have learned that your enemies can serve to push you to live at a higher level of consciousness and God also uses them to help you move towards whatever he has in store for you. I know it's very difficult for us to love individuals who attack us but I've learned that we can do it through the love of God. I decided to share this brief version of my story regarding the trials and tribulations I've endured while running my business to inspire others to following their calling no matter the obstacles. There is definitely a reason we decided to formulate with a plant called Everlasting, an oil from a tree that has the ability to rebirth it self after laying dormant for 7 years (this is another blog story). Just remember to walk in the light.
Happy Easter and Blessing to all of our followings.

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